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Birthdate:May 21
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Character: Marluxia
Series: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Version: Pre-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Age: Unknown, looks to be in mid to late twenties
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Doesn't care, lacking a heart and all

Appearance: Marluxia is a fairly tall (approximately the fourth tallest in the Organization), and well built. His pale pink hair falls in layers down to his shoulders, some flipping toward and framing his face (round with an angular jaw line) while others flip away. His eyes are a cerulean blue and often cold and emotionless no matter what act he may be performing. On the same line, no matter what emotion he attempts to portray to others, his expression always carries a measure of smugness to it. He wears the uniform of Organization XIII, a long, black, zippered, hooded coat, black gloves, and black boots with silver trim.

Personality: Marluxia is a cold, calculating schemer, two-faced and untrustworthy. He will find whatever weakness he can in others and exploit it covertly and to the best of his ability in order to control them. He sees others merely as stepping stones, a way to gain power or to further his own devices. When they have outlived their usefulness or begin to threaten his plans, he has no qualms about tossing his pawns aside or destroying them.

All of this manipulation is carried out as casually as if one were simply finishing up a business transaction, made all the more easier as Marluxia himself lacks emotion. Any cruelty dealt to his pawns, any pain dealt to them at all, doesn't register on any moral radar in his mind. He feels not guilt, pain, sadness, pity, or sympathy with those he manipulates, further cementing their status as stepping stones in his mind.

Marluxia cannot stand being seen as lower than someone else. He will bear it with a venom-laced smile, but will always harbor a grudge toward whoever looks down upon him. He feels an almost compulsive need to be better, to be on top. Any less is unacceptable. The fact that the older members of Organization XIII continue to remind him of his low position fosters his resentment (or… almost… resentment? Memory of resentment?) toward them, though he keeps it well hidden, believing that he will someday conquer those that suppress him, much like nature eventually takes back the land that has been built over.

Abilities/Weaponry: Like all Nobodies, Marluxia has the power to read through people's memories and to teleport using corridors of darkness. Unlike most Nobodies, his teleports are often accompanied by a shower of flower petals and/or his being surrounded by brambles. The brambles are likely a safeguard, but the petals' significance is unknown.

Marluxia's weapon of choice is a large scythe (about the same height he is) with a curved, green handle and a pink blade. He can call this scythe to him at any time and use it in conjunction with a teleport, closing the distance between an opponent or striking them from behind in seconds.

He has power over plant life, able to control it in various ways, including making thorny vines shoot out of the ground, covering someone in a loose cage of thorns that will explode if left alone too long, and general manipulation of plant life. He can also harness this power in an energy, which can be sent from his scythe in a wave or can erupt from the ground in a pillar. Marluxia's most dangerous ability, however, is the use of Doom, an ability that places a time limit on either the person's consciousness or life. This amount of time varies with the enemy's strength; the stronger someone is, the longer the time limit they receive.

Weaknesses: Marluxia is often left wide open just before he attacks or right after he attacks due to the length of his scythe. If one were able to get up close to him, they would likely be able to knock Marluxia flat. Further more, if one is able to wrench Marluxia's scythe from his grasp while he's open, that person will be able to buy themselves some time for the Doom status.

He likely won't use Doom very often, however, due to a sense of pride and arrogance. Marluxia will automatically assume that he is better than the person he is fighting and won't take protective measures such as that unless he is absolutely certain they are powerful enough to trigger the slightest bit of doubt in his mind or if he wants to end a fight quickly. Otherwise he will fight as normal, if not at his weakest, believing the person hardly worth his time. Sometimes it can be a little too late before he realizes that the one he is up against may be much stronger than he thought.

Marluxia cannot stand it when his plans begin to backfire. He will attempt to turn the situation back in his favor, but, should that fail, he will resort to the destruction of any weak links, whether by his hand or others.

History: Little is known about Marluxia before he joined the Organization. It is safe to say that he was transformed into a Nobody following his world's destruction at the hands of the Heartless. His heart was strong enough for him to create a Nobody, in human form, no less. He was found by Xigbar and made number XI of the Organization shortly after he appeared.

Though relatively new, Marluxia proved himself quite powerful. It wasn't too long before he became the master of Castle Oblivion. However, he had no plans to be under Xemnas for too long and began conspiring with fellow new member Larxene to take over the Organization for himself. The idea was to use Naminé's memory altering powers to turn Sora into his puppet, using the boy as a counterbalance to Roxas. However, once Paixao was set up, this was put to the side in favor of scouting the place for other pawns that might serve the purpose just as well. If anything, he hopes to create an army that is loyal only to him.
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